Crescent Farmers Market invites individuals, families, and businesses to sponsor the event for the upcoming market season!

Become a Sponsor of Crescent Farmers Market!

At Crescent Farmers Market, we're committed to creating a vibrant community gathering space that celebrates local farmers and artisans. To make our market even more accessible and family-friendly, we need your support. By becoming a sponsor, you'll not only help us advertise the market to surrounding communities but also contribute to enhancing the overall experience for everyone involved.

How Your Sponsorship Helps:

Advertising: Your sponsorship will help us spread the word about the market, reaching more people in the surrounding communities and beyond.

Family-Friendly Enhancements: With your support, we'll be able to invest in activities, amenities, and resources that make our market a welcoming place for families to enjoy together.

Market Improvement: All proceeds from sponsorships go directly towards improving and expanding the market, ensuring it remains a thriving hub for local producers and consumers alike.

Recognition for Your Support:

Website and Social Media: All sponsors will have their names prominently displayed on our website and Facebook page, recognizing their generous contribution to the success of the market.

Sponsor Banner: Donors and sponsors who contribute more than $50 will be eligible to have their name or business logo featured on our sponsor banner, prominently displayed on the park fence all summer.

Yard Sign: Sponsors who contribute more than $100 will be eligible to have their name or business logo featured on yard signs displayed next to the customer parking at every market event.

Join us in supporting the Crescent Farmers Market and help us grow a sustainable, community-focused marketplace that benefits everyone involved. Contact us today to become a sponsor and make a lasting impact!

Sponsorship or Donation Inquiries